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Customer Care should be effortless for the customer.  Let's make it happen.


Customer Care must be sustainable for the enterprise.  Let's get started.

Customer Care

Effortless and Sustainable Cloud-Based Customer Care Solutions


What has your IVR vendor done for you lately? 

In this hypercompetitive business environment, every day you’re expected to find new ways to do more with less.  Yet most IVR systems perform like they’re stuck in neutral. 

Chances are your IVR vendor gave you a nice performance boost when your system was first deployed—but since then nothing has changed. As the years pass by, your IVR performance doesn’t get any better, and nobody expects it to.  How can that be OK?

Don’t let your IVR get stuck in neutral. Move it to the Contact Solutions Cloud, where continuous improvement is part of the service.  We’ll optimize performance year after year to save you money, improve customer experience, and help you leave competitors in the dust.

Industry Solutions

preventing contact center fraud
Thursday, November 19, 2015 - 10:42
Tim McCurry
Outsmarting Fraudsters with Adaptive Fraud Prevention: Part #2
In part one of this blog series, we revealed that one in 360 (1/360) calls is fraudulent and an alarming 25% of those fraudulent calls lead to the successful compromise of accounts. We also noted...
Fraud prevention in government prepaid card programs
Friday, November 13, 2015 - 21:55
Tim McCurry
Sound Advice from Frank Abagnale about Preventing Fraud
Frank Abagnale spoke at this year’s EBT Next Generation Conference about Identity theft, and had two sound pieces of advice for everyone.  The first is to follow the money. The second is to...
Friday, November 6, 2015 - 12:36
Sameer Siddiqui
Misconceptions about Mobile Engagement in State Government Prepaid Card Programs
While there appears to be latent demand for mobile apps from constituents of government prepaid card programs like SNAP, WIC, and TANF, there has still be very little adoption despite the technology...